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Thanks Volunteers, Participants & People of America & across World who visit & get Turban Tied & make this event success every year. Looking forward to see you again in 2020!!

On behalf of the team of Sikhs of NY we want to Thank everyone that came from far and near to support our cause every year! We were truly overwhelmed to see thousands of participants every year and support of the 1300+ volunteers registered who are extended family of Sikhs Of NY.

Hope to see you all with all your loved ones on April 18th 2020 to celebrate Turban Day with Vaisakhi and make the Times Square more vibrant with different Turban Color and spread the message of unity and diversity by Tying Turbans.

The movement has just started.....#TurbanDay2020 #TurbanDayNYC #IamASikh
The purpose of this campaign is to bring awareness among all Americans and other World citizens about Sikhism and Turban and to help correct misperceptions about Turban through which we share the values of love, faith, equality and social justice. Turbans are tied to Americans and Non -Sikhs, and educational material is distributed by the volunteers.
How Turban Day changed my life #Turban Day 2020
#Turban Day 2020 #TurbandayNYC
Turban Day @ NJ Devils Game Prudential Center
Pink Turban Day
Sikhs of NY tied up with the Susan G. Komen foundation based in NYC to spread awareness about Breast cancer and honor those fighting the tough battle.
The organization used core Sikh values from Sikh gurus to always support and serve those in need or fighting diseases. Volunteers from Sikhs of NY dressed in all pink colors tie pink turbans to honor the brave with the Sikh crown. Every year more than thousands of Survivors and who are fighting with Breast cancer are crowned with pink turban.

About Turban

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About Turban
For every Sikh, Turban is our Pride, our Honour, our Legacy and the Crown gifted to us by Sikh Gurus to stand for Equality, Justice and Humanity and not just a piece of cloth which is tied around the head.
Turban is a quintessential part of Sikh identity and represents the most pertinent element of the Sikh Faith that teaches every one of us that all people are equal irrespective of caste, religion, country, thus signifying equal status. Turban give Strength and identity to a Sikh and induces the courage to face all odds, always ready to help and service the mankind.

Become a volunteer

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With the aim of helping as many people as possible, we always lack of enthusiastic volunteers and we go where the poverty of the world
to support and propagate the sense of life and sense of protection environment, improve the living conditions



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Turban Outfitters

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These Outfitters will be available to purchase on Turban day event at Times Square on April 18th 2020 or give us a call at +1(332)-203-2511

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