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Nanak Naam Jahaaj


Location –

A pressing need for a place of worship and communal service to cater for the needs of  the
community of Sikhs in Jersey City  led to the setting up of “Nanak Naam Jahaj Gurdwara in October
2008. The Gurudwara is conveniently located near “Indian Street” at Journal Square in Jersey City.
For driving directions, put your address in “Get Directions box on the right and press “Show me
the way” button.
IMPORTANT : Use  CORBIN AVE instead of West Side Ave for Gurudwara Sahib ENTRANCE.

Ph :  (201) 432 1122
Head Granthi – Bhai Gurbachan Singh ji

Bhai ji also prepares the Langar for the Gurudwara.
You can contact Bhai ji at (551) 689 6724

Raagi Jattha   Bhai Randhir Singh ji ate Saathi
Katha Vachak – Gyani Amolak  Singh ji

Address: 1080 west side avenue

Jersey City, NJ 07306

Phone: (201) 432-1122

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